G.C.E. A/L - Information & Communication Technology - Teachers' Guides

G.C.E. A/L - Information & Communication Technology - Teachers' Guides

G.C.E. A/L - Information & Communication Technology - Teachers' Guides 

Information and Communication Technology has been identified worldwide as a tool that can be used to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of organizational work and the daily activities of individuals. Therefore, providing an adequate level of ICT knowledge and skills, at different levels of education, is important for the students to progress and contribute towards national development.

The current Sri Lankan Secondary Education System has been substantially exposed to ICT through various programs including CAL, ICT for GCE (O/L), GIT at grade 12 and ICT as a component in the A/L Technology stream. Consequently, students have shown a growing interest in ICT education and some have, in fact, performed excellently at international competitions in ICT, proving their high level of competence.

ICT as the main subject for GCE (A/L) was introduced in 2007. The syllabus was revisited in 2013. According to the syllabus revising policy, the syllabus was revised in 2017. GCE (O/L) qualified students who are interested in developing their career path in ICT have the opportunity of learning it at the GCE (A/L). ICT as a subject for A/L would set a national standard in ICT education at the school level and provide the path to higher education at the tertiary level. Furthermore, students who fail to earn a placement in a university would be in possession of a substantial foundation to build up their academic and professional careers.

The ICT syllabus at GCE (A/L) communicates core concepts of ICT covering both theoretical and practical usage of ICT. This will also strengthen student’s awareness of the new trends and future directions of ICT. Also, this subject will provide an added advantage to students by improving their soft skills, thereby enabling them to best fit into working environments. 

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G.C.E. A/L - Grade 12 - Information & Communication Technology - Teachers' Guide 

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

G.C.E. A/L - Grade 13 - Information & Communication Technology - Teachers' Guide 

Sinhala Medium

English Medium

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