G.C.E. A/L - Business Statistics - Teachers' Guides

G.C.E. A/L - Business Statistics - Teachers' Guides

G.C.E. A/L - Business Statistics - Teachers' Guides 

The Business Statistics syllabus for the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) is implemented from 2017 onwards after being revised under the national curriculum revising policy which is implemented once every eight years. Business Statistics which was introduced as an Advanced Level subject in 1997 was subjected to the first revision on competency-based in 2009 and has been listed out under 11 competencies for both grade 12 and grade 13 in this manual. A practical teaching-learning process that can be implemented in the classroom for 38 competency levels from the seventh competency in the grade 13 syllabus has been proposed in this manual.

This teacher instruction manual has complied with all the competency levels prescribed for the grade 13 Business Statistics syllabus of the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level). The relevant competency, competency levels, the number of periods allocated for the competency level, the learning outcomes expected to have been achieved at the end of learning the subject matters under the competency level, are contained first, and then the proposed instructions for lesson planning, followed by a guideline to explain the subject matters are also contained in this manual in great detail. Proposed activities for assessment and evaluation are also associated with many competency levels at the end.

The classroom teacher-learning process is expected to be planned in a manner of Business Statistics will be developed parallel to the growth of attitudes, skills, and practices of the students. Adequate guidance is expected to be gained for that purpose through this Teacher Instruction Manual. Every teacher should lead the students for practical learning through planning the lessons for the classroom teaching-learning process with reference to the proposed benchmarks under instructions for lesson planning and detailed facts contained in the guidelines to explain the subject matters.

Since Business Statistics is a practically important subject, the lesson plans are expected to be prepared by the teachers expanding the boundaries of the scope of their comprehension, reviewing the updated subject matters simultaneous to the prospective changes that may possibly take place in the business field.

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G.C.E. A/L - Grade 12 - Business Statistics - Teachers' Guide 

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G.C.E. A/L - Grade 13 - Business Statistics - Teachers' Guide 

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